Wargame Rules

I have set up this blog for my wargaming interests in the Muscovite-Tartar Wars, Reconquista Wars, the Barbary Coast Pirates, and the early campaigns of the Ottoman Turks and Saracens. Some lesser known crusades will also be covered. Miniatures are mainly 28mm with a growing collection in 54mm. If my photographs serve to encourage others to complete their collections I shall be pleased. I will also be mentioning other sites with interesting collections on the above. Do join the 'Friends' if you like what you see.

I prefer to use my own rules which are kept simple and involve eight-sided dice. These allow for fast results with various types of weaponry. Morale dominates my games.

Sunday, 20 September 2020


Some time last year I picked up a small treen pot for 50p in a charity shop. Thought I might be able to make something interesting out of it. Today I have de facto completed my Efim Nikonov submarine, originally designed in 1721. I point out it was only designed that year as it failed all its testing, and the Russian government scrapped its funding for this project. Hope you agree, however, if it had worked, it would have been a useful weapon against the Ottoman fleet operating in the Black Sea....... hope to find out soon! MGB

Wednesday, 9 September 2020


I put this model together quite a few years ago, but it always needed revamping. New additions are four fixed artillery pieces. an improved deck layout, a ship's wheel, and a lot of brighter paintwork. While I love the idea of naval participation, I've no ambitions for owning larger 28mm ships, I'm not convinced a broadside from thirtyfive guns on a Frigate would enhance any wargame, but I can see some problems in storing the model, lol. But I might still add a couple more cannon to this vessel. Well, its time my Muscovites engaged the Ottoman/Tartar alliance. MGB

Sunday, 30 August 2020

Muscovite Commander's Coach, Cossack and Tartar artillery

In an attempt to clear my store of spare wheels decided to construct a few wagons and guns for my Renaissance armies. I can't confirm the authenticity to this model but the idea that the Muscovite Command might have had a campaign coach seems plausible. The war-wagon is based on some late medieval ideas and can serve with either the Muscovites or the Ottomans. I'm satisfied with the Cossack light guns but the Tartar artillery is a bit boring, perhaps they need more interesting bases. MGB

Saturday, 22 August 2020


Late last year my Kidney disease moved up a level and it became necessary to devote my time and effort towards other issues. From about March this year, my health seems to have improved. It is now my hope to return to posting on several blogs, and to increase the actual number of wargames I stage. Regards MGB

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

54MM MEDIEVAL FOOT SOLDIERS (Part Eight, Chinese-made)

Have just completed several Medieval banners for my Ghibelline and Guelph armies in 54mm scale. The first is a unit of spearmen in the service of Guido Bonacolsi, Captain General of Mantua, a supporter of the German Emperor. The second unit are Visconti Milanese, supporting the Papacy and France. Also included is the Emperor with a small unit of Imperial pikemen. Practically all these figures are modern, cheap Chinese imports. Painted up, they provide useful foot soldiers to serve with the W. Britains Herald knights. MGB

Monday, 11 March 2019

54mm Medieval Bombard for Wargames

Decided to convert a spare 28mm bombard into something for my 54mm collection. The carriage has been altered, the barrel is made of plastic tubes, the axis is also plastic with a steel rod for added strength. The wheels were originally Playmobil ship's wheels I picked up in a charity shop. Miliput and some faux jewellery created the hubs. I think its come out quite nicely, and for a total cost of about £5.50. The gun crew are mainly Britains Herald figures, repainted and varnished. Still to decide whether to base this piece, or not. MGB

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

54MM ARCHERS, Forming Up (Part Six)

This was a real pleasure to simply tidy up the original paintwork, and add some paint to the quivers and arrows, a more authentic colour for the shoes, waistbelts and scabbards, and some facial detail. Easily done, this work added so much to the Herald 54mm figures. The first unit are Milanese, but will also serve as English in other theatres. The second group, in yellow, will be attached to the Emperor's Ghibelline army. Only one bow was missing in these acquisitions and it was no great problem to drill the hand to accept some thick wire in its place, and I allowed myself a more authentic colour bow. Commanding the Milanese is a Britains Deetail knight, they do look the part as high ranking personnel. This collection is principally a restoration project, with occasional upgrading. MGB