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I have set up this blog for my wargaming interests in the Muscovite-Tartar Wars, Reconquista Wars, the Barbary Coast Pirates, and the early campaigns of the Ottoman Turks and Saracens. Some lesser known crusades will also be covered. All miniatures are 28mm scale, if my photographs serve to encourage others to complete their collections I shall be pleased. I will also be mentioning other sites with interesting collections on the above. Do join the 'Friends' if you like what you see.

I prefer to use my own rules which are kept simple and involve eight-sided dice. These allow for fast results with various types of weaponry. Morale dominates my games.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Battle of Rio Salado, 1340

Here are some photos of a recent refight of an important battle in the Reconquista. In this action the Castilians, Aragonese and Portuguese joined forces to repulse a Moorish army which had crossed over in support of the Granadines. Josh commanded the Christians while Chris took charge of the Moors.

Our refight followed the historical account which indicates the rules worked well. The Christian armies successfully crossed the river and generally scattered the Moorish foot. After three hours gaming, Chris departed the field with his heavy Arab cavalry.
For game purposes two artillery pieces were granted each side. Although not recorded as present, such weapons were used in the Peninsular as early as 1331. Their effect on the game was unimportant.
My thanks to Andy for taking some photos of the game.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Ottoman Sites to visit

This first posting is to mention several sites which already carry photos of 28mm Ottoman Turks.

Balkan Military History is run by Dave Watson. Its enough to say it is well worth a visit with some major battles refought on the wargame table.

The Wargame Amateur carries several fun wargames with good reports to match. The latest being Olaschin 1696.

The Hobgoblin has a few photos of Old Glory figures in action. I suspect the owner has a large collection and I look forward to further photos of battles.
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