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I have set up this blog for my wargaming interests in the Muscovite-Tartar Wars, Reconquista Wars, the Barbary Coast Pirates, and the early campaigns of the Ottoman Turks and Saracens. Some lesser known crusades will also be covered. Miniatures are mainly 28mm with a growing collection in 54mm. If my photographs serve to encourage others to complete their collections I shall be pleased. I will also be mentioning other sites with interesting collections on the above. Do join the 'Friends' if you like what you see.

I prefer to use my own rules which are kept simple and involve eight-sided dice. These allow for fast results with various types of weaponry. Morale dominates my games.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Acemi Oglan Arquebusier, late 16th Century

Have just received a batch of Acemi Oglan arquebusier from Hinchliffe Miniatures. The figure is dated for the late 16th century but I would suggest its fine for the 17th century, and we can turn a blind eye for battles in the 18th (as we all do with 28mm collections). Ian Hind decided to make new moulds for this casting so its totally free of flash. In my opinion, they are equal to TAG, and I have some spare Janissary officers from that company which will mix perfectly. The Hinchliffe catalogue code is RE69, but the website photo presently needs changing. Here is my photo to show what they actually look like.
The Acemi Oglan were, I believe, young slaves, most of whom ended up serving in the various Janissary ortas. Others may have found themselves in the state administration. These castings will be a joy to paint up. MGB


  1. Ive never seen this figure from the Hinchliffe range. Would they be in a regiment as formed infantry, or more of a skirmish type of role.
    It is a very nice casting.
    Thanks Robbie.

    1. Robbie, in all truth I'm not sure. I am planning to post up some paintings and prints which show a fair number on the march with muskets, so we will know how to paint them. The officers are all correctly dressed as Janissaries. My question is similar, whether they are an auxiliary battle unit, or distributed out. The idea they might serve as unit skirmishers hadn't occurred to me....... I'll see what I can find. Michael

    2. Well, from what I can find, they are a Constantinople based training school, that was occasionally used as a police force. They are young men, and fanatical. After their indoctrination, seven years worth, most were sent out to the Janissary ortas. So I will add a company of these 'new recruits' to my units, with the option of being consolidated. I note Dixon also produces such a figure. Will repeat some of this, and any new info when they are painted up. MGB